New York

Dear Trillium, You have been the encouragement that I have needed for progress in my golf game.   You are an amazing teacher who is creative, innovative, caring, talented, and fun.   Without exception, I benefited from every class I took with you. I will especially treasure the encouragement you have provided and the very practical and effective pointers you have taught me.



This letter is to express my gratitude and respect the way you helped me with my golf game.  I learned what I wanted to learn and therefore got great confidence. The way you teach is different than others do. You have an absolute talent in teaching people, amazing as well as impressive. The calmness you have in combination with the knowledge of the complete game of golf and having a different perspective to the game of golf intrigues me hugely and deserves respect. In that respect 3 days flew by too quick!



I’ve been struggling for over five years trying to learn how to swing a golf club with any degree of consistency that would enable me to hit the ball. Of all the instructors I’ve worked with over those five years, you are the first person who has been able to show me specifically and with clarify exactly what I needed to do.  Your knowledge and understanding  is most impressive. Your in-depth and excellent instructions are unbelievable.



Trillium has been a major asset in my continuing quest for a consistent golf swing.   Over the years, Trillium has helped to build – not only my golf swing – but also my confidence.  When I stand over the ball, I know that I will be able to make the shot I have in mind.



Surely a golf instructor's greatest nightmare is working with a rookie golfer in her mid fifties. However, you do it effortlessly. Our lessons are fun and are tailored to my specific needs. Each time we're together I walk away with increased confidence and less frustration.  Thanks to your efforts I'm now on the course more and with greater enthusiasm for the game. My husband is also thrilled with the improvement. As a matter of fact, he thinks your methods could turn a lot of golf widows into golf aficionados. I couldn't agree more.  Trill, you're one in a million!

Susan & JoAnn


Dear Trill,  JoAnn and I had such a wonderful two days with you. We both felt like you were the BEST golf pro that we have EVER worked with!!! We got so much out of our days with you. 

After analyzing our swings you were able to zone in on what we needed to work on to take our games to the next level. You were so on target with so many great suggestions...we had so many "ah-ha" moments. You are smart, knowledgeable, fun to be with, good at demonstrating and very positive and encouraging and we know that our golf game will get better with what we took away from you. You took our complicated questions and turned them into easily understandable golf information.  Trill, we thank you for all that you shared with us and we both agree that your teaching skills are exemplary especially for someone so young. We hope to come back next season and do it again with you...



Trill, I just wanted to let you know that I scored a 92 on our course today.  I have been practicing what you thought me.  This is the first time I broke 100. Thank you for all of your help.  I look forward to taking more lessons from you next February.



Out of all of the other golf instructors I have had, Trill has been the best by far.  She was able to break my swing down into individual components that I could understand quickly and easily and she gave me specific actionable issues to work on.    With Trill, I have been able to work on making a few very specific corrections that have improved my game tremendously and given me a renewed love of golf.  Trill is a natural.